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Europcar rent-a-car experience

Europcar rent-a-car experience When you are going to rent a car in Europcar company be prepared to have many problems and to be cheated at every step.

The price may turn out to be 20% higher than the guaranteed (!) one.

The car you had booked may be not available in the office.

The exchange rate they use may be wrong - for Europcar’s benefit, of course.

The wheels of your car may be of different kinds and not set up properly.

The car may be out of order.

The office may not be open at the time you should return the car so you may be late to your plane.

The sum of franchise may be taken out of your account despite the fact that nobody checked the car and the car has no damages.

Nobody in all the offices of Europcar may reply your indignant letters.

These are not empty words. This is our real experience dealing with one of the Europcar offices in December 2008.

We were supposed to pick up two 4x4 cars in Cairo International Airport. We were shocked and unpleased by the service we had. Below you can find a short list of problems we faced.

1. At the time of pick-up there were not two 4x4 cars in Cairo International Airport Europcar office, but only one. We were sent to another office to pick up the second car.

2. The employees of Europcar Cairo airport office set the price for the car $200 higher than guaranteed by reservation. It took us about an hour of arguing to get the guaranteed price.

3. Nobody was able to explain us exactly how to get to the Europcar Cairo downtown office. And there were no Europcar signs along the road. So it took us almost two hours to find the second office in dark time.

4. The employees of Europcar Cairo downtown office also set the price for the second car $200 higher than guaranteed by reservation. It took us again about an hour of arguing to get the guaranteed price.

5. The employees of Europcar Cairo downtown office used high exchange rate so that we had to pay 200 EGP (~$40) more. When we noticed this mistake they tried to cancel the payment but didn’t manage to and the sum was left held on the credit card account.

6. The first car had two very bad wheels and we had to buy new ones with our own money. The dimensions of its spare wheel differed from the others so we couldn’t even change the wheels.

7. The wheels of the second car were of different kinds and were not set up properly. The front left and the rear right were better, and the front right and the rear left were much worse. That is why it was difficult to drive the car on the rough roads.

8. The “low gear” car switch did not work at all. It made our initial travelling plans impossible and we had to change our route.

9. When we returned the first car to the Europcar Cairo airport office nobody was there at working hours. The office was supposed to be open from 9.00 am, and we were supposed to return the car at 11.00, but the office was closed until 12.00 pm, so we had to leave the keys in order to catch our flight. Obviously, nobody checked the car when we returned it.

10. Despite the fact that nobody checked the car and that we returned the car with no damages, the franchise of ~$500 was taken from the credit card account.

11. When we returned the second car, they found a damage of the fog lamp and $400 were taken from another credit card account. However, the damage had been marked as existing when we had picked the car up. We have the document listing all the damages. The fog lamp is marked as damaged on the list.

12. More than three months of correspondence with the Europcar main office, the Europcar Egypt office, and the Europcar Moscow office turned out to be absolutely fruitless. At the beginning they promised many times to return our money but finally stopped replying any emails. Natalia Kuznetsova from Europcar Moscow demonstrated especially great skills in giving empty promises, cheating and hiding after all.


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